Award Winning Piedmontese Seedstock
Golden Glow Farm is a producer of Piedmontese breeding stock located in Wild Rose, WI. We are committed to using the finest, statistically proven, Piedmontese sires to produce high performance, medium framed offspring. Our guiding principle is a desire to help beef producers create a high yielding, low fat, medium framed animal with a minimum of waste. We focus on structural correctness in the animals we produce as it is a key indicator of future beef production in both an individual and their subsequent progeny.

We specialize in performance proven Italian genetics from the Anaborapi testing station in Italy. All of our animals are backed by Italian EPD's. Each animal carries two copies of the Piedmontese specific myostatin gene that increases muscling, reduces fat and waste and dramatically improves beef tenderness.

Award winning Piedmontese seedstock from Wild Rose, WI
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